BMek executes project with Agile Methodology. Also we adopt the systems in line with the program / project complexity, size and time to market.

Since, we have a team of experienced people who can identify & mitigate risks and targets towards zero surprises during the execution of the program or project. This assures the success rate of the program / project.

“Lead Human being with Affection.”

Major Projects, Use - Cases

Snapshot of the completed or in-progress programs/ projects

· Smart Wearable Device for Health Care Application

· Old Age Care Application for Nursing Homes or Individual

· Heart Rate Monitoring

· Data Logging application for monitoring environment.

· Tracking Bot

· Porting 100 + connected sensors application to IBM BlueMix, Watson Analytics Platform

· Chat Bot - using IBM Conversion Tool & integrating with Twillo

· IoT Temperature Sensing Device Management and Connectivity

· Formula One Race Prediction Algorithm for simulator

· Feature Extraction for Airbnb, Medical Stores Chain and Predictive Maintenance App. - ALFA Group (MIT USA).

· Big Data Architecture for Preventive Maintenance of Metro Rail